img_3586Rural Arts Network Event, Queens Hotel, Girvan Thursday 19 January 2017 7pm-9m

What would help you as an artist in South Carrick?

We all want South Ayrshire to be a creative and vibrant place to live, where communities are imaginative and inspired and creative practitioners can maintain an enjoyable and sustainable career. With this key point in mind, South Ayrshire Arts Partnership (SAAP) invites creative practitioners living or working in South Carrick to share their views and ideas on what form and function a South Carrick Rural Arts Network could take that would be of greatest help to you, as a rural based creative.

Creative Scotland will attend the event to give information on current activity within the Arts in Scotland and South Ayrshire Council will be on hand to provide updates regarding the aims and focus of the South Ayrshire Place Partnership and what has been achieved so far.

The event will also present an opportunity to meet other creative practitioners in your area, make connections and possibly explore avenues for collaboration! SAAP will offer ongoing support to develop and deliver an action plan that is tailored to meet the needs and priorities of local rural creative practitioners.


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