SAAP and Creative Learning Networking Session Today

The event on this first Tuesday of March (today!) featuring Chaz Bonar is this month’s SAAP & CLN get together. It is being held in Hipshot Theatre’s venue to give space for Chaz who is a dancer, but also for everyone to have a chance to see the space and meet Chris Taylor from Hipshot. Chris is happy to host exhibitions in his venue and Chaz is a dancer so we thought it would be a great combination for you all to see how versatile this space is and to talk with Chris as to opportunities for collaborative working!

So, to recap. First Tuesday of the month CLN get together will NOT be at the Mercure Hotel this month but instead be at:

42 Alloway Street Ayr KA7 1SH
4pm – 6pm

(This is the old Leader offices at the entrance into the Arran Mall, upstairs.
Please note, access is by stair, there is no lift facility at present.)


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