What Is Creative Learning and Why Is It Important?

*Please note this session is now fully booked*


South Ayrshire Council Cultural Planning offers a workshop with international educationalist Paul Collard of Creativity, Culture and Education centred round the question of:

“What is creative learning and why is it important?”

Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“With an annual turnover estimated at over £12 billion and almost 130,000 people working in the creative industries sector there is no doubt that this is a sector that punches well above its weight.”


From advertising and architecture to software and writing; from clothes design to game design, the impetus has never been stronger for the youth of Scotland to not only THINK creatively, but to LEARN creatively.

In this 3hr experience participants will gain knowledge and understanding of how a creative approach in all areas of youth work and education can widen, enhance and improve experiences and outcomes for young people while at the same time exploring questions of what a “creative approach” is, and indeed, of what the definition of “creative” or “creative industries” in respect of career might, in fact, be.

Date: Thursday December 10th

Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

 County Hall. County Buildings, Wellington Square, Ayr KA7 1DR


RSVP:  joan.elliott@south-ayrshire.gov.uk  by Friday 4th December please.


Paul Collard is the Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE). His company offers a range of services aimed at helping to unlock the creativity of children and young people, including programme design and consultancy, research and professional development.  They are also an expert advisor to the European Commission and are active in a number of international co-operation projects.

CCE is a winner of a 2011 WISE Award from the Qatar-based World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Foundation.  The award recognised CCE’s Creative Partnerships programme, which has worked with over 1 million children across more than 4,000 schools across England since 2002, developing the skills of young people, raising their aspirations and opening up new opportunities. www.creative-partnerships.com. Read more at www.creativitycultureeducation.org

 joan.elliott@south-ayrshire.gov.uk by Friday 4th December please



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